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Why blame DAP now over Covid-19 spike, Teresa asks Najib
PETALING JAYA: DAP MP Teresa Kok has hit back at Najib Razak after the former prime minister spoke out against her party for blaming Umno for the spike in Covid-19 cases after the Sabah polls.

She questioned why Najib was laying the blame on her party now when he had previously blamed the National Security Council (MKN) for rejecting Health Minister Dr Adham Baba’s suggestion of mandatory quarantine for those returning from Sabah.

She added that Najib had also previously urged Umno to retract support for PPBM because of the blame his party was getting over the surge in Covid-19 cases.

“Najib also blamed Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin for not properly isolating prisoners or observing the SOPs which caused the clusters in several detention centres in Kedah, Perak and Penang.

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