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YOURSAY | Dog-whistle politics - DAP blamed again
BusinessFirst: I am really tired of this monotonous anti-DAP rhetoric (this time it’s in the form of Bersatu information chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan calling those wanting to weaken Perikatan Nasional [PN] agents of DAP).

It seems like in lieu of policy or ideas which is perhaps beyond these so-called elites, the lazy way is just to name call, tell lies, defame, and when all else fails, play the race and religion cards which is summed up by one word - "DAP".

It does not matter that the DAP is not the cause for 1MDB, the failures of MAS (multiple times) and other government-linked companies, Tabung Haji and Felda scandals, Mara overpriced hotels, condos for cows, people dying in prison/remand or falling out of windows when they are interviewed by the MACC.

It does not matter that DAP is not the cause of foreign leaders ‘donating’ hundreds of millions to political leaders, corruption, abuse of power, threats to the rule of law, double standards between elites and normal people, jumping political leaders with no ideals except to climb materially or politically undermining the democratic choice.

It does not matter that the party also is not the cause of potholes on streets, poor health and educational infrastructure, especially in East Malaysia, having to climb trees and telephone poles or hike up hills for Internet connection, declining educational standards where some of our fresh graduates earn much less than the elderly in Singapore who work as part-time cleaners, poverty in the country, unemployment, declining foreign investment, brain drain, growing religious extremism and erosion of our Malaysian culture and heritage with something alien from Arabia, etc.

When you have no answer on how to solve the above, just scream "DAP".

The sad thing is, just like when it comes to drugs, logic tells you it is not good for you, yet there are still dealers. Why? Because there are consumers. I suppose we will continue to hear this drivel in lieu of serious discussions so long as this cry still resonates with some part of the electorate.

I know people say you deserve the government you get. Hence, we see the decline in Malaysia relative to so many countries. Initially, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Now we see Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia surpassing us too.

As a Malaysian, how can you from the bottom of your heart not feel despair and be heartbroken?

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