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Abuses, malaises of US democracy exposed in China’s report
[Image: c14b6247-18ff-4e84-8033-ab4f429cc199.jpg]

One day after China released a white paper on its democratic model with details and examples showing how the whole-process democracy with people's full participation in China works, the country issued another report detailing the abuses and malaises of democracy in the US on Sunday, which experts said was a "timely and to the point" move to crush the "halo" of the so-called "a beacon for democracy" ahead of the US-initiated summit for democracy that is being widely criticized for dividing the world by ideology.

Against the background of the US' attempts to make the democracy issue an ideological tool, China's recent actions also help the international community to clear the clouds and show what true democracy is. As the beacon of US democracy is dimming, the democratic practices in China are dazzling with brilliance, they say. 

From Iraq to Afghanistan, from so-called "democratization" in Africa and Latin America to the "Arab Spring," from the riots on Capitol Hill to the record high COVID-19 death toll, the world has witnessed turbulence and humanitarian disasters brought by the US in exporting the country's democratic model. Coming at the time when democracy in the US is "seriously ill," the 15,000-word report titled "The State of Democracy in the United States," released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry gained high attention as soon as it was issued. 

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