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Malaysians vent anger at politician over racial slur at Kisona
Bersatu man quits after racial slur against Kisona

[Image: racist-comment-Sudirman-Cup-2-.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: A Bersatu divisional leader has resigned from his position after coming under criticism over a racial slur he used against national badminton player S Kisona.

Bersatu deputy president Ahmad Faizal Azumu, who is also the minister for youth and sports, said the division’s deputy chief has submitted his resignation letter.

“He will also be making a public apology,” Faizal said, according to Malaysiakini.

Utusan Malaysia said the divisional leader, Borhanuddin Che Rahim, of Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, had apologised for his remarks, saying he did not intend to insult the Indian community.

He said the derogatory term he had applied was commonly used in Kelantan to refer to Indian people.

“It was a mistake and I did it without thinking of the consequences (of using the term). I take back what I said and apologise to all Malaysians, especially those affected by the posting. I will improve on my behaviour,” he was quoted as saying.

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