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We need to escape poverty: fisherwoman files petition urging resumption of PSI
[Image: 20210918_fajinah_jaafar_sofia.jpg]

BALIK PULAU – While Zakaria Ismail ascended as a hero among fishermen for successfully setting aside the environmental impact assessment (EIA) approval for the controversial Penang South Islands (PSI) project, one particular fisherwoman thought otherwise.

Instead of a circumstantial hero for the future, Fajinah Jaafar deems Zakaria to have destroyed the livelihoods of the fishermen by halting the project.

A day after learning that the appeal board decided last week, under the Environmental Quality Act 1974, to side with Zakaria, Fajinah decided to file a petition to apply for the PSI project to continue.

The 60-year-old fisherwoman said that she was disappointed to learn that the PSI project was stalled, as she thought the project could provide a better future for the fishermen.

“I want this project to continue, which is why I, with my sister’s help, am willing to collect signatures and support from those who want the PSI project to continue,” she told The Vibes when met at her home in Kuala Sg Pinang here.

Fajinah said she has collected 930 signatures so far, 421 of them from fishermen and 509 from the public.

She explained that she did not want to make an online petition on social media as she did not want members of the public to question the validity of her work, and so decided to collect it “manually” with pen and paper.

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