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Quercetin warrants further study as potential adjuvant therapy for COVID-19
Quercetin warrants further study as potential adjuvant therapy for COVID-19, says recent research

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Two recent studies evaluated the efficacy of quercetin supplementation as an adjuvant therapy in COVID-19 treatment. In a prospective, randomized, controlled, open-label study, published in the International Journal of General Medicine1 152 patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection were either prescribed standard care or standard care with quercetic supplement twice daily for 30 days. Each tablet contained 500 mg of Quercetic Phytosome, an ingredient from Indena SpA (Milan, Italy), which corresponds to 200 mg of quercetin. The primary endpoints of the study were: need and length of hospitalization, need for non-invasive oxygen therapy, progression to intensive care units, and death.

Results showed statistically significant differences between the two groups. Outpatients needing hospitalization were 22 in the standard care group, compared to seven in the quercetin group, and patients needing non-invasive oxygen therapy were 15 in the standard care group compared to one in the quercetic group. No patients in the quercetin group progressed to the intensive care unit, while eight did in the standard are group, three of which died. There were no deaths in the quercetic group. When researchers took comorbidities into account, they discovered that 45 out of 76 standard care patients had comorbidities, compared to 29 out of 76 in the quercetic group, making the likelihood of hospitalization fourfold in patients receiving standard care. Among patients without comorbidities, however, researchers found that the addition of quercetic supplementation was associated with significantly lower length of hospitalization and need of oxygen therapy, compared to standard care.

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