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Why so many Covid-19 cases are dead on arrival
[Image: 4_ISLAM_FUNERAL_COVID19_FMT_29072021.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: An overwhelmed health system, a breakdown in contact tracing and a lack of awareness on comorbidities are the likely reasons for the recent rise of “brought-in-dead” Covid-19 cases, say two doctors.

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr Subramaniam Muniandy said those who have other illnesses suffered more with Covid-19.

“But a lot of people in this country do not recognise or know of their comorbidities,” he told FMT, adding that diabetes and hypertension were especially common.

“Having regular medical check-ups is not a practice in our country. People don’t usually look for a doctor until they are sick.”

Subramaniam explained that this was why it was important for people to get vaccinated, as it increased resistance against the virus and protected those with comorbidities from becoming seriously ill.

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