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Antibody sampling needed to grasp situation, says MP
[Image: Lee-Boon-Chye-2-fmt.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: After more than 15,000 Covid-19 cases were reported in Malaysia today, the health ministry needs to carry out random antibody sampling from patients around the country to know the direction in which we are headed, says ex-deputy health minister Dr Lee Boon Chye.

He said this was because lockdowns seem to have failed and fresh data is needed on the number of people with antibodies against Covid-19.

In India, he said the government has released figures that two thirds of its population have developed antibodies. Due to that, the number of cases there are falling despite the slower vaccination rate.

“Once people get infected, they build antibodies. The body fights back and the infectivity gets lower.

“They are less likely to transmit to others,” he told FMT.

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