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Japan has decided to coexist with the new coronavirus!
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Japan has decided to coexist with the new coronavirus! Announced the "new life model" calling the people to be prepared to follow this model for an extended period of time and learn to live and work with the virus lurking around the corner.

Looking closely at these new life models, it can be seen that the Japanese government established these very practical set of SOPs using principles of rationality, science, and risk assessment.

Maybe it is related to the Japanese understanding that "bad" things can't be forsaken for all times.  Using risk assessment models in principle, humans can continue to live well. Read them one by one. There are three basic points:

1. Keep a distance between people.

2. Wear a mask.

3. Wash hands frequently

Specific requirements

1. People keep a distance of 2 meters.

2. Play as much as possible outdoors

3. Try to avoid being face to face direct facing when speaking to other people 

4. Go home and wash your face and clothes immediately

5. Wash as soon as you touch someone's hand

6. Try online shopping and electronic settlement

7. Supermarket shopping is best for 1 person, to choose time there are less people

8. Try not to touch commodity samples

9. Don't talk on public transportation

10. Go to work by bike or on foot

11. It is best to use electronic business cards

12. Try to use video conference when meeting

13. To control the number of people in meetings, wear masks and open windows for ventilation.

14. Work at home or commute at off  peak time

15. Do not go to countries or places where the virus is endemic

16. Try not to return home to visit relatives and travel, and control business trips.

17. When you have symptoms, remember where you went and who you met.

18. Eat meals with others not face to face, preferably side by side

19. Do not use large bowls and large pots to share food, implement a divided individual portion system

20. Chat less at meal, eat more vegetables

21. Try not to have too many people gathering at meal together as possible

22. Avoid "closed spaces, dense crowd flow, intimate contact"

23. Self-test body temperature every morning to strengthen health management

24. Cover the lid when flushing the toilet

25. Don't stay too long in a narrow space

26. When walking and running, the number of people should be small, when meet each other stagger the distance.

Shigeru Oo, chairman of the Japanese government committee, said that it takes at least one and a half years for the vaccine to be fully developed and officially put into use.

Since the enemy cannot be completely eliminated, it is necessary to learn to coexist with the virus.  
Only by following the new rules of life can we live in peace with the corona virus for a long time.

In fact, most of the above methods have been implemented in China. 

Everyone understands that it is a long-term war, but each item is not listed in detail. 

The Japanese are genetically a very disciplined nation and they do things and follow instructions scrupulously. 

It is worth learning.

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