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YOURSAY | KJ is a spokesperson for PN
[Image: 4be5f8658e00029fd5fa603e9ae5796b.jpg=s800]

RedCobra1259: Khairy Jamaluddin, it is so surprising that you could assume that two Rs (race and religion) deserve more attention than one R (royalty). That is not how the law defines the severity of an offence. There are several factors that determine the weight of the offence. It is not one or two.

Secondly, mentioning temples will automatically involve the second R (religion). It’s a package deal, sir. Royalty is a standalone, separate institution. Someone can also claim attacking the royalty is also attacking another R (religion) as the royalties are deemed the defenders of the federation’s official religion.

Thirdly, what can we say about your comments? You are now the official spokesperson for Perikatan Nasional (PN). You are using the talk show to speak for PN so you will speak with a biased view as proven by the first and second points above.

Anyway, please don’t interpret the severity of the offence by one or two Rs. Logic says it does not work this way. What a poor assessment.

FairMind: Khairy, are you sure that caretaker Kedah menteri besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor only violated one R and not three Rs altogether, including the remark that the Federal Constitution states that Penang is part of Kedah?

Either you just came out of the cave, or you are PN’s man. I have always viewed you as a prime minister candidate but you are beginning to become inconsistent with your educated background in line with PAS’ consistent fitnah (slander).

It is understandable that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is ailing and Sanusi is trying to be tough like Hadi was when he was young. It appears that Sanusi is jostling to become the next president of PAS when Hadi leaves or at least, he wants to be thrust into the inner circle of power.

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