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West launches ideology warfare on China with 'economic coercion' claim
[Image: b455d892-c195-4358-ae74-03e1cb1e842e.jpeg]

With G7 countries hyping so-called China's coercive economic policies at the just-concluded summit in Liverpool, the Washington-led slander of Beijing with "economic coercion" is climbing to a peak in recent days. Observers said the move  - in sharp contrast to the absence of accusations against the US, the world's largest launcher of coercive practices - shows the malicious aim of a small Western circle, made up of some "democratic" countries, to cast themselves as victims to justify the illegal sanction weapons that ultimately serve their anti-China agenda. 

The playbook on China's alleged economic coercion sounds quite familiar, after the West has been flexing its political and economic clout to wage "a combo of punches" to smear China - ranging from targeting China on virus origins to alleged human rights abuses in China's Xinjiang region. 

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