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It’s happening again: Sarawak’s Sg Balui hit by logjam, thousands cut off
[Image: 20211013-sarawak-logjam-sg-balui-Vibes-pic.jpg]

MIRI – Thousands of remote villagers living in central Sarawak in the upper reaches of the massive Bakun Dam have been cut off from the outside world as their rivers are choked with tonnes of timber debris.

The massive logjams are blocking Sg Balui River and its tributaries, located in the upper section of the RM15 billion hydro-dam in the Belaga district.

The Vibes has obtained information from residents in the area that the rivers are not passable for boats as they are clogged with logs and wood debris stretching kilometres.

Belaga social activist Harry Wing said this is true, and that many residents have been cut off.

“Yes, the logjams are happening again. There are at least six major riverine settlements affected,” he said.

Among the most populated settlements to be hit is Long Busang. The others are Long Jawe, Long Ayak, Naha Jalei, Batu Keling Naha Nyabong and Sang Anau.

“Villagers in these areas dare not use the rivers as the floating logs make it dangerous,” Harry said.

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