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‘Shang-Chi co-star Ronny Chieng wishes Malaysians a happy Malaysia Day
[Image: shangchi34.jpg]

DESPITE finding success in the United States with a gig on The Daily Show and a burgeoning acting career, comedian and actor Ronny Chieng is glad to show off his Malaysian roots.

Wishing Malaysians a happy Malaysia Day, the Johor Baru-born actor and comedian, as part of promoting the impending release of Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ (coming to Malaysia on October 7), brandished his red Malaysian passport.

He also delivered some (accented) Bahasa Malaysia phrases that we are all too familiar with to establish his Malaysian credibility.

“Number one, I still have a Malaysia passport okay, look at this, what more proof do you need?

“Number two, I still use my ‘lah’ and ‘meh’ all the time like ‘boleh lah’, ‘can meh’, ‘can lah’.

“And number three, I can still order like a pro at the kopitiam.”

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