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CJ Tengku Maimun real ‘servant of the constitution’, says ex-judge
[Image: FMT-YAA-Dato-Tengku-Maimun-binti-Tuan-Ma...0519-3.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: A former judge has observed that Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat appears to be “the only man in the Federal Court ” when it comes to constitutional cases.

Gopal Sri Ram said Tengku Maimun, the first woman to be appointed to the post, had displayed the trait that she was no one’s servant but “only the servant of the Federal Constitution” in her judgements on such cases.

“I think she is the best man for the job. We are very lucky to have her. She is very competent. She is decisive (and) knows what she is doing,” Sri Ram said in an interview with the editorial committee of the Penang Bar’s internal news bulletin, Voix D’ Advocate.

Tengku Maimun was appointed Federal Court judge in November 2018, and was made the top judge of the nation six months later.

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