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Healing your aches and pain - superadmin - 10-11-2020

SEPTUAGENARIAN Ooi Beng Soon is the man to seek out if you are suffering from aches and pains.

With his muscular arms and well-built physique, the 70-year-old former sales manager is well known for his superb massaging skills and he does it for free.

Regular hikers at the Moon Gate Point Five trail can attest to that.

Ooi, who goes up the trail near the Penang Municipal Park every day at about 4.30pm, is much sought after before and after his hike. At times, he is even stopped by hikers seeking relief during his hike.

“The type of massage that I give is known as ‘The Origin-Point Therapy’, which was created by a Taiwanese massage master.

“This treatment is aimed at increasing blood circulation, particularly at body points that are ‘blocked’ and reduce the pain. Basically we are taking care of the root problem.

“It is able to cure sickness besides alleviating various types of pains and sores,” he said.

Ooi, who has been practising the skill for eight years, said he usually massages the head, neck, back and buttocks.

One man he has helped is avid badminton player Chieh Kon Foor who had to stop playing badminton last year due to pain in his right arm.

The 61-year-old retired product design engineer had sought treatments from traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and medical doctors for a cure to the pain but to no avail.

“I even had acupuncture and saw a renowned orthopaedic surgeon but the pain remained.

“The pain, which was centred in my right shoulder was so severe that lifting my arm was difficult. I had to stop playing badminton then,” he said.

Enters Ooi.

“After about five massage sessions, I was able to play my favourite sport again,” said Chieh, a regular hiker at Penang Municipal Park.

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RE: Healing your aches and pain - sahabarun - 12-17-2022

It's a great thing, to be so gifted in one area and to use it for helping people.

RE: Healing your aches and pain - sahanaj - 12-20-2022

Massaging is a skill that not many have, as you need to understand you clients’ bodies and to help each client individually to have a relaxing and soothing experience. When I was younger, some of my friends and I would organize a spa day every once in a while and go get massages, which was a fun tradition we had. As we got older we didn’t have the time to go regularly to get massages and I forgot the intense, relaxing feeling of a great massage. But on my last birthday, my husband surprised me with a sensually charged erotic massage, which exceeded all my expectations. I was a bit hesitant at first because I never got an erotic massage before, but the specialist my husband hired was very understanding and made me feel so comfortable. It’s an experience I definitely want to feel again.