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External hard drive for P4P ?? - laotiosub - 03-14-2022

Do any of you guys use a hard drive to upload your videos and photos?
Can you hook up an external hard drive directly to the aircraft or the RC to upload photos?
If you're out in the field doing work how would you transfer the photos from the aircraft to a hard drive?

RE: External hard drive for P4P ?? - DeweyS - 03-14-2022

The short answer is no, not without some intermediary interface. Buy enough fast SD cards - expect to use up to about 10GB - 12GB per battery in 4k/30 - and swap out each battery

RE: External hard drive for P4P ?? - merleahoms - 03-14-2022

It is inconvenient for me to make backup copies of data in the field. That's why I prefer to copy files when I'm at home in a comfortable environment. Even if some data is lost due to damage before creating a backup copy, I can always restore it. I know great guys from hard drive recovery service who quickly and inexpensively do this kind of work. I have already applied to them for similar services a couple of times and was very pleased with the result.