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75% of people choose calm over exciting life - superadmin - 10-01-2021

[Image: gettyimages_118.0e369140122.original.jpg]

WHEN asked to choose between a quiet life and an exciting life, 75% of people choose the first option, according to a survey conducted across a hundred countries. The authors of the survey believe that experience of living through the pandemic may have played a role in this preference. 

"The world prefers a calm life to an exciting life," is the conclusion that came out of a study conducted by the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation (WPE) in partnership with consulting firm Gallup.

During the year 2020, the Japan-based foundation specialising in well-being surveyed people from 116 different countries and territories (at least 1,000 people surveyed for each country). Their findings indicate that 72% of respondents prefer a calm life while 16% prefer an exciting life and 10% chose both.

The country of Georgia proved to be an exception, as the majority of respondents there chose an exciting life over a calm one. The results from Vietnam-based participants showed no clear preference.

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