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Fathol Zaman, founding editor of Ipoh Echo dies - superadmin - 09-26-2021

[Image: ipoh-echo-2.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: The founding editor of Ipoh Echo, Lt-Col ® Fathol Zaman Bukhari passed away last Tuesday. He was 72.

The Ipoh community newsletter said Fathol, who hails from Parit Buntar, served the army for 30 years before retiring in January 1998.

“His prowess on the battlefield also translated into writing as he was the editor of the army journal during his years of service,” it added.

Fathol founded the Ipoh Echo with two others in April 2005 to share their common desire to articulate their thoughts “without fear or favour”.

The website said Fathol had left an immeasurable footprint on the community with his editorial columns and articles, ranging from the inefficiency of public administration to celebrating everyday heroes.

“The recurring themes in his pieces included unity, diversity, equality and meritocracy.

“His fearless voice, brimming with literary flair, resonated with readers, amassing avid followers who have been reading every piece since his first,” it added.

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