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Govt has no money? Learn from Pak Hamid - superadmin - 04-17-2021

[Image: mariam-mokhtar-column-300x400-1.jpg]

At a Sikh function for the Vaisakhi celebration in Petaling Jaya on April 12, Muhyiddin Yassin claimed that Putrajaya did not have much money left for the country.

He is not alone. Throughout Malaysia, thousands of families (and businesses) are struggling. Some people have lost their homes because they have no jobs and no money to pay for food, mortgage or rent. Others have to move in with their parents as they cannot afford to live on their own. There are claims that the number of homeless people has increased.

With the economy in such a perilous state, businesses have to lay off people, downsize and, in some cases, shut down.

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