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Full Version: Why You Should Be Cautious About Investing in Cryptocurrencies
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The limited use cases of cryptocurrencies due to their price volatility
The secret life of Jimmy Zhong, who stole – and lost – more than $3 billion
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  • In 2012, someone stole 50,000 bitcoin from the Silk Road, an illegal dark web marketplace. Over time, the value of the stolen bitcoin skyrocketed to more than $3 billion dollars and for years it remained one of the biggest mysteries in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Almost a decade after the 2012 hack, the thief made a critical mistake that allowed the IRS-CI to crack the case.
  • CNBC obtained never-before-seen footage that shows how investigators linked the thief to the crypto heist.

Athens, Georgia, is home to the University of Georgia, and the police there are used to college town-type crimes: break-ins, bar fights and assorted rowdiness. That kind of thing.

But the 911 call that came in on the night of March 13, 2019, was unlike anything the Athens-Clarke County Police Department had ever encountered.

On the phone was 28-year-old Jimmy Zhong, a local party boy and Georgia alum who frequented Athens’ drinking establishments. He wasn’t like the other town rowdies – Zhong was also a computer expert who had an unusually robust digital home surveillance system.

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