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Full Version: A Rebellion Has Begun – How PAS Provoked Malays To Rebel And Hate Sultan Selangor
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A Rebellion Has Begun – How PAS Provoked Malays To Rebel And Hate Sultan Selangor, And Will Pay The Price
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In a rare response to caretaker Kedah chief minister Muhammad Sanusi’s apology, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah appears to have rejected it when the Malay Ruler decreed that the issue is not over yet. It’s not rocket science that the sultan was incredibly upset and angry after Sanusi, the notorious loose cannon of PAS Islamist party, insulted the Selangor royal institution.

Exactly why was the sultan so mad and furious to the extent that he refuses to forgive the PAS warlord? In fact, the monarch had summoned Selangor PAS commissioner Ahmad Yunus Hairi and Selangor police chief Hussein Omar Khan to his palace to express his displeasure and anger. The sultan was mad not only at Sanusi’s insult, but also his defiance in the half-baked apology.
Sanusi’s sewer mouth saw him spewing insults on Sultan Sharafuddin during a recent “ceramah” (campaign speech) when he rudely questioned the monarch’s wisdom over his choice of Amirudin Shari as Selangor Chief Minister. Making a comparison between the Kedah and Selangor sultans, Sanusi said the Kedah ruler would not have appointed someone like Amirudin.

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