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Full Version: Japan must clarify the RM207bil ‘Death Railway’ controversy
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During a recent visit to the Kanchanaburi JEATH War Museum in Thailand, I met with two men whose grandfathers were victims of the infamous “Death Railway”.

The victims were among thousands of Malaysians forcibly taken by the Japanese to work as labourers to build a railway track from there to Burma (now Myanmar) during World War II.

They had come to see if the graves of their ancestors were among 6,982 victims buried in tombstones bearing their names in the special Kanchanaburi War Cemetery dedicated to their memory. Unfortunately for the duo, only soldiers and prisoners of war who perished while working on the project were given a resting place there.

The soldiers were from Australia, the Netherlands and the UK. According to records, these countries are still providing funds to local authorities and certain NGOs to maintain the well-kept graveyard.

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Reveal outcome of probe into RM207bil ‘Death Railway’ compensation, govt told
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KUALA LUMPUR: A DAP MP has urged the government to reveal the findings of a police investigation into the alleged RM207 billion compensation paid by the Japanese government to Malaysia for the loss of lives in the construction of the infamous “Death Railway” during World War II.

M Kula Segaran (PH-Ipoh Barat) had asked the finance ministry yesterday to explain the status of the payment, following claims that victims and their next of kin have not received the compensation.

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