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Full Version: Phuket predicted to be among Thailand’s hottest spots, with heat index above 54°C
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BANGKOK – Phuket, as well as Bangna district in Bangkok and Laem Chabang in Chonburi, are expected to be the hottest places in Thailand, with the heat index predicted to exceed 54 °C.

The Thai Meteorological Department has issued a warning regarding the high temperatures, cautioning that prolonged exposure to the heat could lead to heatstroke or sunstroke.

“Besides that, the heat index in Phetchabun in the north will hit 48.1°C and Kosum Phisai district in Maha Sarakham will touch 44.5°C which is a danger level, and prolonged exposure could lead to sunstroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion,” it said.

The heat index, which takes into account the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed on the human body, is also known as the apparent temperature.

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