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Full Version: Smartphone app or physical road tax sticker, motorists must be allowed to choose
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FURTHER to objections raised by retirees and senior citizens over use of the MyJPJ app versus the use of the current physical road tax sticker and physical driver’s license plastic card in your article “Retiree: Elderly M’sians to face challenges in adoption of MyJPJ app” dated Feb 12, 2023, I would like to add that motorists and vehicle owners should be given the choice to use the MyJPJ smartphone app or the physical motor vehicle license windscreen sticker and their physical driver’s license, whichever they are more comfortable with.

While I am a senior citizen who will be 69 years of age in three months’ time, I am, however, also an electronics engineer who installed and maintained computer and communications equipment from 1982 till 1992.

I have also been writing about computers, communications and information technology since 1994 until today and have continued to work with computers, smartphones and communications equipment and have conducted many product reviews of PCs, mobile phones and smartphones.

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