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Full Version: Federal Court decides ‘Malaysiakini’ in contempt of court over readers’ comments
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Federal Court decides ‘Malaysiakini’ in contempt of court over readers’ comments, but finds its editor Steven Gan not guilty

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PUTRAJAYA, Feb 19 — The Federal Court today decided that Malaysiakini is in contempt of the judiciary over the hosting of the contemptuous comments of five of its readers on the news portal’s website.

Contempt of court can be punished by imprisonment or fine or both, with Malaysiakini having previously noted that there were no legal limits to the imprisonment period or the amount of the fine.

Steven Gan, who is the news portal’s editor-in-chief, was present in the courtroom today when the Federal Court delivered its decision.

Court of Appeal president Datuk Rohana Yusuf, who chaired the Federal Court’s seven-man panel, delivered the majority decision by six judges that found Malaysiakini guilty.

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