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Full Version: Climate change supercharges threat from forest-eating bug
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[Image: Tops_and_trunks_of_scarred_trees_stand_i...9fc560.jpg]

DEEP in the Finnish woods, the moss and blueberry shrubs hide a deadly threat to the boreal forests that are as important to the planet as the Amazon rainforest.

With chunks of their bark peeling off and needles falling from dying branches, more and more trees are being killed by the spruce bark beetle, which is venturing further and further north with climate change.

The tiny brown insects attack the Picea abies, one of Finland's most common tree species, and can cause massive damage to forests.

Burrowing through the bark to lay their eggs, the beetles eat their way around the spruce and kill it by stopping water and nutrients reaching the higher branches.

"The species has caused huge damage across Central and Eastern Europe, especially since 2018," Markus Melin, a scientist at the Natural Resources Institute Finland, told AFP.

With climate change, the risk of the beetle spreading is a "lot higher now", Melin added.

"We have to accept it and adapt to it. Things are changing fast up here."

While the threat is greatest in southern Finland, the sweltering summer of 2021 saw bark beetle damage "unusually high up north" in the Kainuu region of northern Finland.

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The impact of climate change on our ecosystems is an ongoing concern, and it's even more critical now in 2023.
Absolutely, the impact of climate change on ecosystems is a growing concern. Even though it's an older post, it's a reminder that our actions matter in addressing these issues. And speaking of environmental balance, we should continue to be vigilant about mice pest control to protect our ecosystems.