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Full Version: Can the queen of Thai fruits cure your inflammation? Research says its peels might
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[Image: Potential-benefits-of-upcycled-mangostee...-study.jpg]

DON’T throw out that mangosteen peel – it might just help kill germs and stop infections in your intestines!

A research team from Thailand has researched and replicated the vital extracts rich in antioxidants found in mangosteen peels that kill germs and halt infections in the intestinal mucosa (hydroxy-xanthones or HDX) and hopes to expand its work to include health products.

In the days of old, local wisdom deemed mangosteen peel as a cure for upset stomachs, inflammation of the skin and even animal wounds.

Fast forward to today where there are various efforts to apply mangosteen peel extracts to medicines and products such as plasters, gels and surgical masks.

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