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Full Version: China Trade Surplus Of $535 Billion
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Trade Surplus Of $535 Billion – Not Even The U.S. Trade War Or Covid Pandemic Can Destroy China Economic Powerhouse

Donald Trump had fought fiercely trying to bring China to its knee. But after close to 3 years since the U.S. president started the trade war in March 2018, the dragon is still standing tall – alive and kicking with a smile. Trump’s famous tweet – “trade wars are good, and easy to win” – which he arrogantly blasted on 2 March, 2018 now looks incredibly silly and childish.

The dragon proves too big and too powerful an economic powerhouse to be defeated by a one-term U.S. president. Economics professor Mary Lovely of Syracuse University said – “China is too big and too important to the world economy to think that you can cut it out like a paper doll. The Trump administration had a wake-up call”.

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