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Full Version: Chna Foreign firms refute ‘investor flight’ hype
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Foreign firms refute ‘investor flight’ hype; temporary disruptions do not represent long-term outlook

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Stringent anti-epidemic measures adopted in some key Chinese cities including Shanghai and Beijing, in hopes of curbing the rapid spread Omicron variant and bringing back sound bounce after a temporary economic shock, may inevitably hurt some foreign firms' performance, yet some Western media outlets are exaggerating the situation, hyping the "investor flight" theory, warning that such measures will result in a large-scale retreat of foreign firms and undermine China's attractiveness in the long run, which Chinese experts and industry players have dismissed.

The "ditch China" claim has been refuted by many foreign firms and industry players, who reasserted their confidence in the world's second-largest economy and its key role in the global industrial chain, and also appreciated the government's efforts of striking a balance between epidemic control and work resumption.

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