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Full Version: Did US-Funded Biological Labs In Ukraine Secretly Developing Covid-19 Virus?
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[Image: Coronavirus-Fort-Detrick-Bio-Laboratory.jpg]

Donald Trump had been calling the Covid-19 as “China Virus” or “Chinese Plague” for months during his presidency. In his political rhetoric, he claimed that the virus was “sent by China”. Blaming the Chinese was a simple, yet effective tactic to divert gullible Americans attention from his mishandling of the pandemic. Unfortunately, he still lost the Oval Office to Joe Biden.

China, of course, has rubbished Trump’s accusation. However, the damage has been done. Trump’s racist rhetoric was instrumental in sparking anti-Chinese sentiment in the country, where Asian Americans have been constantly targeted. The former U.S. president also said his government will investigate whether the virus came from a laboratory in China despite the lack of evidence.
Prior to Trump’s rhetoric, top US general Mark Milley had raised his doubt on the similar issue, saying American intelligence suggested the Coronavirus was likely to have occurred naturally instead of being manufactured in a laboratory. Besides China, Trump has also deflected attention to the WHO – and cut US$400 million funding to the World Health Organization.

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