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Full Version: Listen to both sides: Russians in M’sia defend Ukraine invasion
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GEORGE TOWN – After almost two weeks of staying silent, some Russian nationals in Malaysia are defending the actions of those in their motherland, saying that while Moscow may be making progress in “demilitarising and de-Nazifying” neighbouring Ukraine, it is losing the media war.

Maria, who is part Ukrainian and Russian, told The Vibes that more people need to understand what led up to the recent invasion before taking sides.

“Right now, everyone is reacting according to what they see in the Western news channels and social media. Many have not heard Russia’s side or taken the initiative to learn the history behind this conflict.

“Russia is not against Ukraine, but the Ukrainian insurgent army that is funded by the West to threaten and instigate Russia.”

In her opinion, though many are only aware of the Russian military moving into Ukraine on February 24, the war started eight years ago and has been ongoing in the Donbas region.

She said Russian children born in the troubled part of Ukraine have been staying in bomb shelters until this day, but as the Western media did not report about that at length, the world remains ignorant of the situation.

Maria considers Ukrainians as part of the Russian family, as they share many similarities, from food to language. Many Russians in Malaysia are also married to Ukrainians.

However, since the conflict started, she has not started a conversation with her Ukrainian friends here because it is too sensitive to speak about.

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