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Full Version: Roots water ring vacuum unit
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Roots water ring vacuum unit

Roots water ring vacuum unit is composed of roots pump as main pump and water ring pump as front pump in series. It can be understood as two main points: water ring pump and roots pump.

Both roots pump and roots vacuum unit have a number of utility model patents, for example, the series Roots vacuum unit that can be started at the same time solves the shortcomings of the start-up mode of Roots vacuum unit in the prior art, such as long time consuming, low efficiency and large energy consumption, mainly including the front vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump driven by the motor of Roots vacuum pump An exhaust port is arranged on the roots vacuum pump, an air suction port is arranged on the roots vacuum pump, a pneumatic ball valve is arranged between the front vacuum pump and the roots vacuum pump, and the motor, the pneumatic ball valve and the differential pressure detection device of the front vacuum pump are all controlled by the control cabinet. The beneficial effect of the utility model is: on the premise of ensuring that the motor of the roots vacuum pump is not overloaded, the pumping speed is increased by controlling the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the roots vacuum pump, so as to shorten the starting time of the vacuum unit.

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