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Full Version: Omicron cases in Beijing, Shenzhen suspected of links to packages from North America
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China's postal administration on Monday vowed to "build a barrier" against COVID-19 cases imported through international express mail, after at least two Omicron cases, one in Beijing and another one in Shenzhen, were suspected of tracking back to packages from North America.

Virologists warned of the high risk of packages from overseas causing domestic COVID-19 flare-ups, when the epidemic overseas is running high, as contaminated packages from epidemic-rampant countries may spread the virus to people with weak immunity through viral particles floating in the air, or people without proper protective gear.

A patient from Shenzhen, who was confirmed to be infected with Omicron on Sunday, is likely to have contracted it after being exposed to contaminated goods from overseas, Shenzhen's health authorities said at Monday's press conference.

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