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Full Version: China confident amid global Omicron rampage
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With the Omicron variant already rampaging through some 89 countries and  being found in three Chinese mainland cities, more nations have decided to drop their "living with the virus" policies and tightened up pandemic control measures, including canceling public celebration events and reintroducing travel restrictions amid the upcoming New Year holidays.

Facing grave challenges posed by Omicron from overseas, Chinese public health experts expressed confidence in reining in the new variant, with China's inactivated vaccines potentially being more effective compared with other types, as well as the mature epidemic response mechanism established across the country. 

As two of the most important holidays for Chinese people's family reunions - the New Year and the Spring Festival - draw near, several cities and regions in China have announced policy encouraging residents to stay put during the two holidays. But unlike last year, this year's proposals have been more targeted, considerate, and suitable to local conditions.

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