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Full Version: Video of child on balcony ledge prompts call for extra safety measures
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PETALING JAYA: A viral video clip of a little girl climbing over her flat’s balcony and wandering precariously on the ledge has prompted the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) to call on the government to insist on additional safety measures before approving building plans.

The clip shows the girl, who appears to be on the 10th or 11th storey of the building, looking down after climbing onto the ledge and suddenly climbing back into the balcony.

There are no details as to where or when the incident took place.

CAP president Mohideen Abdul Kader said this incident could be considered a “great escape” for the child but that such incidents could turn ugly if they happened too often.

Many parents were leaving their young ones at home while they went out to work, he said in a statement.

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