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Full Version: Phison Electronics backs Malaysian ‘father of pendrive’ despite 2-yr jail sentence
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Taiwan’s Phison Electronics backs Malaysian ‘father of pendrive’ despite 2-year jail sentence

[Image: Pua_Khein_Seng_Koperasi_Belia_Inovatif_S...ok_pic.jpg]

KUALA LUMPUR – Once hailed as the “father of the pendrive”, Malaysian-born Datuk Pua Khein Seng is now facing an almost two-year prison sentence over allegedly causing a public official to provide false information in a public document and another two years for violating Article 171 Item 1 Sub-Item 1 of Securities and Exchange Act.

Although Pua expressed his regret following the judgment, he is appealing the two-year sentence and will remain chairman and CEO of Phison Electronics Corp.

Last Friday, the Taiwan Hsinchu District Court rendered judgment on Phison’s financial report case that occurred in 2016.

In a statement, Pua said he will appeal the judgment, and continue settlement discussions with the Securities and Futures Investors Protection Centre (SFIPC), which will take time.

“I am personally working with the SFIPC and all parties to come to a complete and satisfactory resolution.

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