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Full Version: Alibaba is ramping up in Europe, and is already ahead of Amazon in one region
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  • Alibaba ranks among the top three e-commerce platforms in Europe, according to Euromonitor International.
  • The company is keen to tap a wave of growth in online shopping there, especially for the upcoming Singles Day festival on Nov. 11.
  • Logistics arm Cainiao plans to install a total of 5,000 package lockers globally before Singles Day, especially in Russia, Poland, Spain and France.
  • Spain, Russia and Brazil are among the core countries for overseas unit AliExpress’ expansion, Li Dawei, head of AliExpress Supply Chain, told CNBC earlier this month.
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BEIJING — Alibaba is investing further in Europe for Singles Day this year, as the Chinese tech giant competes with Amazon for the European Union’s exploding e-commerce market.

Alibaba remained among the top three online sellers of consumer goods in eastern Europe last year, according to Euromonitor International. Amazon wasn’t on the top 10 list for the region, which includes countries like Poland and the Czech Republic.

Amazon is by far the top seller in western Europe, which includes France and Spain, according to Euromonitor. But the U.S. e-commerce giant’s market share in the region did not grow during the pandemic, remaining at about 19.3% in 2020.

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