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Full Version: Will Malaysia ever be free from narrow-mindedness?
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The top news items this week were about a Malaysian transgender cosmetics entrepreneur surfacing in Australia, and the brouhaha about a Malaysian made whisky with a name that might be confusing and offensive to certain sections of the population.

All media platforms were alight with supporters and opponents of both stories.

There were people who were wishing the cosmetics tycoon, who faces a blasphemy charge here, the very best in her new life in Australia. After escaping Malaysia to Thailand, she was granted asylum down under.

The millionaire herself on a live Instagram chat was asked by a fan why she had chosen Australia and replied: “…because they respect human rights.” That’s a damming indictment of Malaysia.

Of course, social media was also, in equal measure, filled with vitriol and bile about her lifestyle choice with free-flowing hate messages.

The whisky fiasco was equally perplexing.

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