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Full Version: Dark web a stark danger to M’sian kids, teens: experts
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KUALA LUMPUR – Many Malaysians do not realise it, but the internet comprises three layers and that what children search for on the Web is only the tip of the iceberg. 

It is estimated that 90% or more is hidden in what is known as the “deep web”.

According to Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar, director of the Institute of Crime and Criminology at HELP University, it also contains a realm that poses immense danger to children and youth.

The former Transparency International Malaysia president explained that within the deep web lies the infamous “dark web”, intentionally hidden and inaccessible with standard browsers.

“Children are curious. It is only expected that their minds will go to these areas of the internet that are out of bounds and, therefore, seem more exciting,” he said.

“This puts them in danger, especially as the dark web is misused by criminals and Mafia-based organisations.

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