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Full Version: Biden cannot slander China's Xinjiang policy while seeking cooperation with China
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US President Joe Biden once again hyped China's Xinjiang policy on Friday as he delivered a speech at the dedication ceremony for the Dodd Centre for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. Some analysts believe the US has been hoping a thaw with China in recent days, but Biden's rhetoric raises questions over Washington's sincerity.

"Sadly, when we look around the world today, we cannot say that the specter of atrocity is behind us," Biden claimed, "We see today the patterns, the choices playing out around the world even as we speak: the oppression and use of forced labor of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang…"

Biden's words fully embody the duality of his administration's China policy. On the one hand, it hopes to ease tensions with China and seek China's support and collaboration on subjects such as climate change, trade and global governance. On the other hand, in regard to the so-called human rights and ideology issues, the Biden administration has repeatedly piled pressure on China and hyped the "China threat" theory, in a bid to contain China, as well as ramp up the cohesion of the US alliance system and restore the US' international credibility and global leadership.

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