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Full Version: China’s coal hub Shanxi emerges from floods, easing coal supply concerns
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As the sun rises over the flooded areas in North China's Shanxi Province, the country's coal hub, woes over a downpour-exacerbated coal-fired power shortage are beginning to subside, as evidenced by the Global Times' onsite interviews in coal-mining regions.

With the province's coal exploration and deliveries emerging from the heavy rains, optimism about a recovery in the country's coal supplies during the fourth quarter is on the rise, according to industry insiders, citing a government-led tenacious push to ensure energy adequacy and market shifts expected already under way.

Coal mining back on track

Coal mines in Shanxi are busy producing and transporting shipments out of the province as they gradually resumed production after a temporary suspension due to torrential rainfall during the National Day holidays in early October. 

During a recent visit to a coal mining area in a mountainous region of central Shanxi Province - Linfen and Jiexiu - the Global Times reporters saw streams of trucks full of coal from the local mines on the roads, with congestion and long lines of traffic at the entrance to expressways as they wait to transport coal to other regions. 

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