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Full Version: Can a ‘yes’ from Petronas reduce the prices of our vegetables?
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KOTA KINABALU – Getting an agreement from Petronas to distribute granulated urea domestically may reduce the prices of vegetables for local consumers for a long time to come.

This statement may seem illogical, but there is an explanation for it based on how the national oil and gas company is linked to agricultural products.

It is especially true for Sabah, which presents an interesting case study for this scenario.

According to sources, many local industries have been affected during the pandemic, contributing to their lowering their demand for imported products from China.

Naturally, this has in turn led to a reduction in the number of containers transported on ships from China to Malaysia. However, while the shipping cost remains the same, the transportation fee for essential goods imported from China has been raised.

These essential goods include fertiliser needed by farmers in Sabah. With the increase in transportation fees, the higher cost is passed on to the farmers who have to pay more to grow our agricultural products such as vegetables.

Sources say this problem would not exist if Sabah was not so dependent on China’s fertiliser. In fact, the issue could have been averted if Sabah produced its own fertilisers.

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