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Full Version: Speed skater Elise Christie reveals drug and rape ordeal
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TRIPLE world short track champion speed skater Elise Christie has opened up on the night she was drugged and raped when 19 in her autobiography, Resilience.

The Great Britain star said "I went out, got drugged and then got raped by some random bloke."

The incident occurred after she had returned from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games on a night out.

She was raped after meeting the man in a bar in Nottingham city centre.

Christie who has represented Great Britain at three Winter Olympics has spoken for the first time about her ordeal.

“It was a year before I told anyone at all about that night.

“I felt victim-shamed, almost, by what happened. I wasn’t left in a bush, battered and beaten up, so back then I thought: ‘It’s not rape.’”

In relating her experience Christie says she felt impaired and the body was not functioning. She just could not run away as she kept falling to the ground.

She believes her drink had been spiked and thus her inability to do anything.

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