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Full Version: Joseph Choong: I’m British, never considered representing Malaysia
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KUALA LUMPUR – Great Britain’s Olympic gold medallist Joseph Choong is a proud British citizen but is frequently asked if he would ever represent Malaysia because of his roots.

“It has always been a topic of conversation around family and friends,” Joseph said.

“But I never (seriously) considered it because I’ve been here (in the United Kingdom) my whole life.

“I was born and grew up here, (I’m) a British citizen.”

The 26-year-old hit the headlines after winning a gold medal for Great Britain at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in modern pentathlon.

“That’s not to say I don’t love my Malaysian part. I enjoy being able to experience the culture there. Obviously, my dad is a Malaysian, born and raised there.

“But I am British and I wouldn’t want to change that,” said Joseph during his Instagram live interview with local TV host Ben Ibrahim.

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