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Full Version: Counter-terrorism organisation lists Taliban as radical, violent group
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KUALA LUMPUR – The Nordic Counter-Terrorism Network (NCTN) has listed the Taliban as a radical and violent Islamist group.

NCTN director Andrin Raj told The Vibes that a system was used to identify groups considered violent and radical based on laws enacted by the European Union (EU).

“For one, we use the new EU laws for human rights and adopt them into our methods.

“We also use them to lobby authorities to ban the organisation, its individuals, and their family members from entering the EU, as stated under their laws,” Andrin told The Vibes.

NCTN runs the Counter Radicalisation Project (CRP) to address radicalisation within institutions that propagate “radical thought and ideological beliefs”.

The CRP bases its findings on Islamist radicalisation identified by methods developed by NCTN’s Islamic Religious Division, which comprises experts and scholars in Islamic thought.

“The CRP project will assess individuals, organisations including non-government organisations, governments, state religious organisations, academic institutions, politicians, political parties, state leaders, and any entities that fall under its identification system to identify the said entity as a radical entity,” a statement concerning the CRP on NCTN’s website reads.

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