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Full Version: More Malay, Indian students enroll in Chinese vernacular schools
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PETALING JAYA: More Malay and Indian students have enrolled in Chinese vernacular schools this year compared with 2010, according to Education Minister Radzi Jidin.

In a written parliamentary reply, Radzi said there was an upward trend in data with the enrolment of Malay students increasing from 9.15% in 2010 to 15.33% in 2020.

Meanwhile, the enrolment of Indian students and students of other races also increased slightly from 1.67% to 2.75% and 1.02% to 1.67%, respectively, in the same period.

“However, the percentage of enrolment of Chinese students in Chinese vernacular schools showed a decrease from 88.16% in 2010 to 80.25% in 2020,” he said in answer to a question from Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (PH-Setiawangsa).

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