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Full Version: The Master Key System - The Origin of "The Law of Attraction"!
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Another landmark text in success literature, dating from the same era as Wallace Wattles’ extraordinary manuscript “The Science of Getting Rich”. “The Master Key System” was a phenomenon of its time, skyrocketing author Charles F. Haanel to fame, as well as to a considerable fortune!

“The Master Key System” documents minutely not only the methods, but the science behind the methods which propelled Haanel himself to extraordinary levels of success, as businessman, author and personal mentor to some of his era’s most successful businessmen.

Internalise this remarkable book and you too will learn The Secret, the secret of thought as creative energy, as power, as the Master Key to your own development. Haanel’s “Master Key” virtually opens the door to cosmic intelligence, allowing you to attract everything you need to achieve your dreams. Originally written as a correspondence course, the book is divided into twenty-four sections, with exercises in each section to train and develop your mind skills. Take a week at a time, study and re-read each section, build your power of concentration and visualization week by week to the level where you’ll be able to manifest your desires with lightning speed.

These are the techniques which made millionaires over and over again, before the book basically disappeared about 1933. This is the very book that later re-emerged in Silicon Valley decades later as a ‘millionaire-maker’ all over again. The legend goes that a certain Bill Gates stumbled upon this book when just a Harvard student and went on to create history! Study and absorb Haanel’s amazing teachings, and there is no doubt you too will stumble upon powerful, exhaustive and dynamic ways to create your own dreams!

In Charles F. Haanel’s own words, what you will achieve are results hitherto undreamed of, and rewards hardly to be expressed in words.”

Happy reading!

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