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Full Version: Potential risks surrounding Malaysia’s 5G rollout, claims group
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PETALING JAYA: Several potential risks have been raised surrounding the governance of the special purpose vehicle tasked with managing the country’s sole 5G network, Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB).

UK-based GSMA Intelligence said in a report commissioned by DT Economics that most of the risks were related to lack of regulatory frameworks, monopoly and pricing as well as lack of clarity in policy objectives.

DT Economic representative Lara Stoimenova said there was an unclear approach to the pricing.

“When allocating spectrum to DNB, it is important that the government implements an approach which minimises potential competitive distortions between different mobile services,” she said at a webinar titled “Advancing Digital Malaysia” organised by GSMA yesterday.

“As a monopoly network operator, DNB would have the incentive and ability to use its position for its own commercial advantage. This would be particularly the case when negotiating wholesale access prices.”

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