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Full Version: China calls for next-phase origin tracing in various regions, countries
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China's State Council Information Office held a news conference on origin-tracing of the COVID-19 virus on Thursday.

Here are the highlights:

- China allowed WHO experts to visit all places they wanted to go and meet all people they wanted to see during the WHO-China joint expert team's visit to Wuhan earlier this year, said Zeng Yixin, vice-minister of the National Health Commission.
- The results of the WHO-China joint study are able to stand the test of time, said Zeng Yixin.
- WHO plan to focus on "lab leak" shows disrespect to common sense and arrogance to science, said Zeng Yixin.
- China cannot accept the current version of the second-phase investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 virus launched by the World

Health Organization, for the plan has been compromised by political manipulation and disrespect of scientific facts, said Zeng Yixin.

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