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Full Version: ‘Raging epidemic is not inevitable’ — Dr. Scott Gottlieb believes China case count an
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Dr. Scott Gottlieb on Monday lamented the persistent spread of the coronavirus in the U.S., suggesting the nation’s response pales in comparison to other places around the world.

“The entire Pacific Rim has less than 1,000 infections a day. Having a raging epidemic is not inevitable,” Gottlieb said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” referring to countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and Australia. 

“People want to say China is lying about the two dozen cases that they’re reporting a day, which I don’t believe they are [lying]. Certainly, the entire Pacific Rim isn’t in on the conspiracy. It isn’t inevitable that we have a raging epidemic,” added the former Food and Drug Administration commissioner under President Donald Trump.

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